Score A book’s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. Their Hotel Nacional for instance is always a crowd pleaser at our house. The drinks in this book are a little more advanced, but if you're up for a challenge you'll be WELL rewarded. 2 Years In the making. Mix a jug of this classic cocktail for a summer party. You could certainly make the argument that many of them taste very similar with that combination of citrus, rum, and spicy falernum being common amongst many. There are many styles of home bars and having a fully stocked, easy access bar in your home is a dream for many cocktail enthusiasts. If you love cocktails, you need a cocktail recipe book! Other recommendations I used to make for cocktails like the PDT or Canon books have let me down a bit with some of their recipes for the classics. Best books about cocktails - both non-fiction and recipe-based books. First off, the recipes in the book are spot on and very good. We love travel. Not only does it go deep into the history of the the tiki drink, but it has some of the best variations of the classics you’ll find anywhere – along with some wonderful original creations. For Jack Sotti, General Manager at Boilermaker House in Melbourne, when it comes to the best cocktail books, it is the first cocktail book he ever read, The Joy of Mixology by Gary Regan. Buy 2dayShip Cocktail Bar Set on Amazon. What can I say, I appreciate a good drink! From a negroni to a caipirinha, here are the tomes to help you mix up your own versions at home It was the first realization that so many of the bars we’d been traveling around the world to visit actually have books where they not only share the methods to their madness, but give the real drink recipes for some of the best drinks in the world. … One of the newest additions to the cocktail book landscape is “ Penned by founders and owners of Smuggler’s Cove Tiki bar, the book covers the story and rise of Tiki culture, from its beginnings as escapism to modern day Tiki revival with over 100 exotic cocktail recipes to take your taste buds on holidays. We've put together a collection of the 10 best cocktail books for the home bartender, with tomes we refer to time and time again. This isn’t the book I’d recommend to a total newbie, but if there’s someone in your life who is ready to up their drink game a bit? If you’re not, it may even convert you. Of all the books I’ve got, and all of the drinks I’ve made, these two still rank up among my favorites. With cocktail recipes for 12 basic drinks - and many “non-basics”, as they put it, you’ll be off to a flying start in learning what you need to know. You’re left with a funky, delicious rum, that is the star in each of these two drinks. As my collection of cocktail books grows, I’ve learned that there really isn’t a one size fits all book. Some are so elaborate that you know you’ll rarely, if ever, actually make any at home. If you think the bar world is all suspenders and serious drinks, Kevin Liu infuses it with duct tape, quirky recipes, and many laughs along the way in Craft Cocktails at Home. The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails (Cocktail Book, Bartender … Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions by David Kaplan, Nick Fauchald and Alex Day, 10 Best Cocktail Books for the Home Bartender, Death & Co Modern Classic Cocktails by David…, Lockdown Cocktails & a Bottle of… Tequila, Paul John on Paul John Indian Single Malt, Interview with Diplomatico Rum: Jose Ballesteros, Tito Cordero…, The Great Whiskey Rumble: Mike Miyamoto, Fred Noe,…, Kirsten Grant Meikle on Family Business, Glenfiddich 21…, The Australia Coupe, The Cabana Pool Bar, Burdekin…, Australian Cocktail Month, Vermouth Day, Herno Gin Hotel, VIDEO: Interview with Jim McEwan & Eddie Brook…, VIDEO: Cape Byron Distillery Rainforest Tour with Martin…, VIDEO: Espresso Martiki with Martin Hudak at Maybe…, VIDEO: Hidetsugu Ueno Ice Diamond Carving, VIDEO: Hidetsugu Ueno How to Shake a Cocktail. Unpretentious and casual, but with fantastic drinks. In just the past year alone, The Dead Rabbit was awarded the World’s Best Bar and World’s Best Cocktail Menu by the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards. Food & Drink. So a couple months ago when I discovered that Leo Robitschek finally came out with a cocktail book? Namely their use of a Dead Rabbit rum blend that is attempting to recreate a lost style of rum called “London Dockside Rum.”. Check it out here. What goes well with cardamom? Cocktail books are also gloriously international. Or the crazy over the top molecular drinks from Aviary. Everything we do is to benefit you as the reader, so all of our reviews are as honest and unbiased as possible. But if you’re just looking for a book filled to the brim with solid recipes, the PDT book is one you’ll find in nearly every cocktail geeks collection. If you want the ultimate challenge in cocktail creation, this is the book for you. This book covers fantastic versions of all the best tiki cocktails, and gives a wonderful background on the history and culture of tiki drinks. One of the most common? There are no gorgeous photos, or ins and out of the history of the cocktail.. Rather what you’ll find is a wonderful book of a few hundred interesting, unique, and delicious drinks. Highly informative, it covers everything from popular brands to lesser known amari along with cocktail recipes. For a long time, this was my go to recommendation for people who wanted to jump into the world of at home cocktails. Drop a note in the comments, I’d love to hear about them! On occasions where you simply want to make a drink and can’t remember the specs, The Ultimate Bar Book is a user friendly and comprehensive guide to over 1,000 cocktails including classics, variations and new drinks. This is a safe space to embrace it :). But everything I’ve made from Cocktail Codex? Best Cocktail Books for the Home Bartender – Photo © Cocktails & Bars. The NoMad book strikes this balance perfectly. ... Make your cocktail dreams a reality with home brewing kits and carry-on cocktail kits for drinks on the go or from the comfort of your own home. Do you just want an easy reference for the classics? We all have different needs, interests, and levels of our interest in the hobby. Reading the best cocktail books was like opening up a whole new world of home bartending that has not only made hosting guests more fun, but it’s taken a hobby and allowed me to move beyond that to truly honing the craft. There's at least a small part of you that is slightly pretentious. You can go the traditional route and mimic a professional bar. Not a cocktail book per se, but The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit is a reference book on flavour you’d want to have on hand. You know, for those of you brave (and rich) enough to make them. The presentation is phenomenal, and the more expensive version that comes in a presentation box is stunning. Trying to educate the bartender. Aviary does that in bar form. I need Demerara syrup, not a sugar cube. The author of the book is legendary Sasha Petraske owner of famous speakeasy-style bar Milk & Honey. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Most of them will take quite a bit of time, patience, and skill to create – but if you do? The NoMad Cocktail Book hits that perfect balance of wildly unique drinks, that are still accessible for home bartenders to make at home. If you’re really into cocktails, and you love to make them (or try to) then you probably need a cocktail bible to follow. If you’ve ever wondered about the lineage of some of your favorite drinks, and wondering where the craft cocktail effectively came from? What pairs with white chocolate? The original Aviary in Chicago is the bar portion of 3 Michelin star restaurant, Alinea, which is known for its molecular gastronomy techniques, and total over the top presentation. Slightly Pretentious combines all of this. Or how long you need to shake a drink for perfect dilution? While the bar Smugglers Cove isn’t my personal favorite tiki bar in the world (that distinction goes to Hale Pele in Portland), there’s no denying that it is fantastic. So whether you’re looking for the best tiki cocktail book (Smugglers Cove) or the book with the most beautiful photos (Aviary), you’ll hopefully find something that will help educate you, as well as treat yourself to some delicious drinks in the process. Amaro: The Spirited World of Bittersweet, Herbal Liqueurs, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas is everything you want to know about the world of the bittersweet liqueur category. You also wouldn’t buy a book with nothing but complex and obscure recipes if you just want to know how to make a decent Aperol Spritz for your friends. By studying the world’s best cocktails, you find you get more creative with your own ideas as you understand what works and what doesn’t. Most cocktail books look great on your shelf or coffee table. One part graphic novel, one part delicious drinks guide. And on top of all that, they make for fantastic gifts, and ones you can buy at the last minute (thanks, Amazon […] Some cocktail books feature recipes that stick to the basics and are a little too common for my taste. The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender, with 500 Recipes by Dale DeGroff – “Dale was one of my teachers and is one of the best. Well, Jeffrey Morgenthaler wrote the definitive guide on drinking etiquette in Drinking Distilled. Want to know why drinks work (or don't work)? If you’ve followed any drink accounts on Instagram over the last year and a half, there’s a good chance at some point you’ve been served an ad for the Aviary Book. This should be required reading for anyone who wants to start taking cocktails seriously. I usually still recommend the Cocktail Codex book over this now, as I’ve found I like some of their versions of the same drinks better and it has that educational component that is done so well. There's a reason the Dead Rabbit is one of my favorite bars in the world. When stocking your home bar, you have many choices. Ugh, be honest, you’ve been that person at least once in your life. If you’re after the origins of some of the cocktails you know well and you’d like to discover some obscure recipes, this book is one for time travel and reference. Let's face it, if you're into bougie cocktails? To recreate it, you combine equal parts of Smith and Cross, Cruzan Blackstrap, and Banks 7. But their latest book The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem, takes this to a whole new level. I love the refreshing look it takes to the etiquette of drinking in a bar, not just making the drinks. The NoMad Cocktail Book hits that perfect balance of wildly unique drinks, that are still accessible for home bartenders to make at home. So if you’re looking for a book that actually has a fun story to follow along with, and some world class drinks? Derek Brown, owner of Columbia Room, author of Spirits, Sugar, Water, Bitters: How the Cocktail Conquered the World. The duo behind Maidenii vermouth, bartender Shaun Byrne and winemaker Gilles Lapalus have combined their expertise in a book dedicated to vermouth. And if these two cocktails are to be any indication, the other elaborate drinks in this book definitely going to impress as well. They’re on their 6th or 7th iteration of their elaborate graphic novel menus, which you could literally spend an hour or two reading, soaking in, and contemplating which drink to get. Read this book. And their book? If you're only going to buy one book, this is the one to get! The 2dayShip Cocktail Bar set is a good choice for at-home bartenders. This page contains affiliate links. The Joy of Mixology by Gary Regan. And while I’m sure the book’s analytical scheme has its critics, I’ve learned a huge amount. My answer is actually really simple: Get Cocktail Codex by the Death and Co team. Awesome. It ain't cheap, but it's one of the definitive books any true cocktail connoisseur should have in their collection (even if you never make a single drink from it). The Aviary Cocktail Book – Reserve Edition $135. Kotai’s take is a glass-on-tin Boston shaker that consists of a 28-ounce steel shaking tin and a weighty 16-ounce glass to fit inside it. The Barillo Elite Cocktail Set kit is a good choice for people learning the tricks of bartending. THANK YOU. Amy Stewart’s The Drunken Botanist is a wealth of knowledge about plants and how they can be used in drinks and spirits. Read the full bio here. As we’ve said in our review of Cocktail Codex, the authors state that there are only six cocktails, namely the Old Fashioned, the Martini, the Daiquiri, the Sidecar, the Whisky Highball and the Flip; the rest being modifications on these templates. Required reading for anyone serious about becoming at the craft of making drinks. Kitchen & Bar. But whatever, sometimes we all need a little escapism in our lives, and a nice umbrella drink can be the perfect way to do it. Wow. 10 Best Cocktail Books: Australian Bartenders’ Favourites 1. The Aviary cocktail book is one of the most expensive cocktail books out there, but for good reason. Or the incredibly bespoke, intimate experience from Attaboy. Here's everything you need to know to create the ultimate home bar - at any budget. Check out my full NoMad Cocktail Book Review. I still remember my first literary cocktail adventure. 10 best cocktail recipe books for creating tantalizing tinctures. Whenever I go to NYC there’s one bar that is always a must stop: The NoMad Bar. Updated and Revised Edition: From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash, a Salute in Stories and Drinks to, Blind Test Reveals Best Ginger Beer for a Moscow Mule, Best Cocktail Smoker: Smoke Boards is My New Favorite Drink Smoker, Over 25 of the Best Cocktail Gifts for the Holiday Season. This is the book for you. Do yourself a favor, start with the "Bankers Punch". 440+ Beautiful pages. Once you’ve mastered the classics, and you’re seeking inspiration to create your own, it’s time to delve into Death & Co’s Modern Classic Cocktails. Death & Co Modern Classic Cocktails by David... DIY Cocktail Projects for the Home Bartender. The author, Harry Craddock was an American bartender who left the US to work at London’s Savoy Hotel. This should be a very difficult question to answer, but when people say “I’m going to buy one cocktail book, what’s the best one?”. The Dead Rabbit in NYC was the very first top 100 bar I visited, and even if I felt like they were slipping a bit after my last trip there, it still remains one of the very best bars in the world. Read Next: The Best Cocktail Books, According to Experts. $22.49. They’re always unbelievably well done, and I can’t help but buy one every time there is a new one out. And despite all of my travels, a huge part of my cocktail knowledge comes from my newly acquired love of cocktail books. It’s essentially the science behind the drinks, and it teaches you the techniques you need to know and understand to make your cocktails well from a technical perspective. Just try the Smokescreen cocktail, as it’s one of my favorites in the book. This is one cocktail book that the home bartender and cocktail enthusiast will refer to for inspiration. The NoMad Cocktail Book. If you’re a fan of classic cocktails, this cocktail book makes essential reading. It’s easy to read, has a nice presentation, and is written by one of the most well known people in the cocktail industry. Cameron Whitman/ Stocksy. And to make things even cooler many of the characters are based off of real world bartenders from some of the best bars around the world. In golf it’s a copy of the original Confidential Guide to Golf Courses by Tom Doak – which you’ll regularly see going for over a $1,000. Most are very elaborate and require tools like a water circulator, vacuum sealer, immersion blender or even more obscure tools to be able to make the drinks. Which isn’t surprising as there are definitely similarities in taste. Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki, The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem: The Story of John Morrissey and the World’s Best Cocktail Menu, Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail, The PDT Cocktail Book: The Complete Bartender’s Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy, The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual: Secret Recipes and Barroom Tales, Imbibe! Take this drink from my last NYC trip, called “Boom Goes the Dynamite” for example: Well, the Aviary book is just as impressive as the bar and the drinks themselves – it’s also just as expensive. This is the book for you. When you combine the most useful and relatable educational cocktail book, with some of the best recipes from any book I’ve seen? A first printing of the Trader Vics Bartenders Guide I’ve seen for around $500. A veritable Encyclopedia Bar-tanica, “The Ultimate Bar Book” certainly lives up to its name. Buy Regarding Cocktails Cocktail Book on Amazon. But the absolute holy grail is no doubt an early copy of the The Bartenders Guide by Jerry Thomas. Corinne Mossati has been writing about bars, spirits and the food scene for over 11 years, starting with Gourmantic in 2009, Cocktails & Bars in 2015 and The Gourmantic Garden in 2020. Jeffrey Morgenthaler is a legend in the bartending community, and once you read this book, it's easy to see why. The Dead Rabbit is what you want. In our review of Death & Co cocktail book, we called it an inspiring go-to reference book on craft cocktails. We love quests. 115+ Delicious recipes. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Work with Us and promote your brand to over 53,000 followers across several platforms. Your email address will not be published. NoMad Bar NYC: A Must Visit Bar in New York City, Nottingham Forest: A Sensory Cocktail Experience in Milan, Great Cocktails: 20+ Ridiculously Good Drinks to Make at Home, How to Make a Dirty Martini: For the Olive Lovers, Blackjack Redux: A Delicious Coffee Cocktail, NoMad Cocktail Book Review: For the Adventurous Home Bartender, Regarding Cocktails: A Cocktail Book Where Simplicity Shines. Personally I’m a huge fan of tiki cocktails. No, these days just about any cocktail I drink uses high quality ingredients, and is much better than what you’ll find at your typical dive bar or college party. Now depending on what you’re looking for, or your knowledge level, this may or may not be exactly what you’re looking for. “The one book that really changed my perspective was Jefferey Morgenthaler’s ‘The Bar Book,’ because Morgenthaler explains how to break down ingredients and elements to add to cocktails. The book is an alphabetical listing of around 100 popular ingredients with suggestions of flavour matchings. It’s not difficult to choose Cocktail Codex as my favorite overall book. If you are a bartender or bar owner looking to up your skills or the level of complexity at your bar then this is really going to be helpful. The photos inside are just as beautiful, and it will have you repeatedly saying: “I want one of those.”, The only downside? Whether you’re in need in of a recipe for a cocktail classic or a deep cut libation, Millie Hellmich’s essential compendium has got you covered. Home » Blog » Best Cocktail Recipe Book – Top BarAdvisor Picks! The Aviary Cocktail Book – Standard Edition $85. Spectacular Stays. This blog definitely is great when you’re serious about learning to set up and run your home bar. I remember the first time I came into Jeff’s bar Pepe Le Moko and I said “have any drinks you’re really excited about right now?”, His response: “Well I made all the ones on that menu right there, so I’m pretty excited about each of those.”. VERY well written. But that isn’t the real reason why the book is so great. On a drunken whim we bought it, and on the trip back home I found myself getting lost in the pages learning about batch cocktails, punches, hot drinks, and many more.. It's made with equal parts of vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec, plus lime, cola and plenty of ice He also has one of the best cocktail and bar culture blogs on the internet. Are you trying to learn about one specific style of cocktail? Jeffrey Morgenthaler, author of The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique and bar manager at Clyde Common and Pépé Le Moko in Portland, Oregon. Possibly the most unique cocktail book you'll find. Some great classic recipes from one of the world's most famous speakeasies. Slightly pretentious is a tongue in cheek description of his travels. Wonderfully written, and incredibly detailed. From detailing the history of vermouth around the world, the grape varieties and the regulations, to offering practical information on How to Drink it, there are over 100 cocktail recipes that make The Book of Vermouth an essential tome for bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts and home bartenders. But the best ones actually allow you, the home bartender, to enjoy a great tipple at home without an $18 price tag. I made it for my best friend that loves sangria & she was very happy & surprised on how Amazing it was. This is the definitive book on the science of the cocktail. Home For cocktail BEST The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails (Cocktail Book, Bartender Book, Mixology Book, Mixed Drinks Recipe Book) French 75 Recipe: The Perfect Holiday Cocktail, Shangri-La Villingili Maldives: May it Rest in Peace. Amongst my friends, it’s safe to say I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as the “cocktail guy.”. However, you don't need to include everything and your home bar should be customized to what you actually drink. Check the best cocktail sets in 2020 and start your journey. This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small compensation without any additional cost to you if you make a purchase using the links. We stopped by the late White Lyan (may it RIP) – one of the first bars by world renowned bartender Ryan Chetiyawardana aka, Mr. Lyan. That's where these bars come in handy. And if you’d rather follow a recipe? So this is your chance to embrace your slightly pretentious side. Not everyone wants a full wet bar that's always in plain view, though. Drink & Cocktail Kits. It has some drinks with ingredients you probably have, and are easy to make, but also feature some more elaborate drinks that will be an adventure to create. Let’s face it, fancy cocktails are at least a little bit pretentious. Its secret lies in how it educates you on the fundamental construction of the 7 most common styles of cocktail: old fashioned, daiquiri, martini, sidecar, whiskey highball, and flip. And something that sets them apart is their menus. For instance, you wouldn’t buy a book on pre-prohibition era cocktails if you’re looking for the best tiki recipes. And then every once in awhile you find the rare book that hits the sweet spot. The Dead Rabbit: Is It NYC’s Best Cocktail Bar? Regardless of what you’re looking for there’s a book out there for you, and this post will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. But over the last few years, my cocktail tastes have evolved beyond the early 20s staples of the 7 and 7 or the affectionately named classics of “faderade” and “jungle juice”. This will include the essential liquors and other ingredients needed for the most popular cocktails and offers the most versatility. For anyone looking to expand their cocktail repertoire and create their own signature drinks, the book is an invaluable resource and reference book. If you’re into edible gardening, you’d love this book. Neither of these drinks are easy or inexpensive to make, and both require preparing some home made syrups. A big cube not bar ice, and for the love of God, why is there a muddled maraschino cherry in my drink?”. They're not meant to be permanent fixtures in your home but are designed to move or hide their contents. This is perfect. Then there are dozens of variations of each of these drink styles to choose from. But you will get some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had at bar, in a space that’s big enough to give you a solid chance of actually getting a seat, in a location that’s easy to access from any part of the city. So there you go, a collection of what I believe to be the best cocktail books currently on the market. The Savoy Cocktail Book gives you a great sense of cocktail history, drinks that can withstand the test of time, and the origin of some of your favorite beverages. “Hey man, this old fashioned wasn’t prepared the right way. At Slightly Pretentious we're on a quest to visit the top 100 bars in the world, and here we share stories from those travels while also helping you create killer cocktails at home.