Epoppin, if you want to use my starter, I’ll send you some. Starters adjust to their environment over time. Gently divide the dough in half; it'll deflate somewhat. I think I’ll get some of the latter. Inside your bread the crumb is also going through its finishing touches. The bread will quickly absorb the oil. Now for the experimentation…. I put helps, tips and information into the sourdough whole wheat bread post specific to working with whole wheat flour. Flour the top of the dough lightly but evenly. Get a new one going. 525 grams water-80 degree F. -NO chlorine, 2.22 Cups, 20 grams salt OR 1 Tablespoon MAX. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram. Your loaves are still baking and developing the crumb and crust even as they cool. If you’re looking for something very specific but can’t find it here, why not CONTACT ME and I’ll be happy to help if I can. It all impacts the results. I just cut the first loaf and it is simply delicious. My father made sourdough things (pancakes were great, bread was better, pizza dough, too) when I was a growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. The dough is full of air. I'm sort of in disbelief that I've been explicitly insulted on the bread blog. DO NOT PUNCH DOWN THE DOUGH AT ANY TIME. After you gain experience feel free to go your own way with techniques and recipes. Gently slide the dough scraper under one of your dough balls and flip it over so it rests on the floured side. It's about sharing. Do NOT skip this step. For the best crust and texture you need constant steam around the loaf while it bakes at least the first 15 to 20 minutes. Here is a great recipe for authentic German Sourdough Bread. If you see anything inappropriate on the site or have any questions, contact me at floydm at thefreshloaf dot com. Any leads on sourdough starters in the Seattle area would be deeply appreciated. If you cut your bread when it’s still piping hot you will squish that gorgeous loaf. In a large saucepan over medium-high, heat the olive oil. In a large mixing bowl dissolve yeast in warm water, mix with starter. I was schooled on this by our contributor Sasha Hunter our bread baker extraordinaire friend. HAPPY BAKING! If your dough gets slack, unworkable and won't form or rise it is probably over fermented. Scrape in a circle around the dough (leave it unturned, flour side up). THEN turn the oven off and set the dough in there until it raises. Thanks so much! The results were great!!!!!! Cold dough will aide the oven spring. You might get another very tasty starter but different all the same. Sourdough recipes with starter require a VERY active Starter. https://www.homemadefoodjunkie.com/tartine-style-sourdough-bread-recipe After it is completely cooled double wrap it tightly with plastic wrap and set in the freezer. A loaf of sourdough is only as good as its “starter,” the fermented culture from mixing flour and water that gives this type of bread its signature sour flavor. I acquired a commercial starter culture and set that going. Place the finished loaf on a cooling rack. Do NOT cut it for at least an hour to set the crumb. Turn the banneton upside down so the dough falls gently onto the parchment paper. "... if you know someone else that is baking with the prof’s starter, you might get his back again. This recipe is a good start for new sourdough bakers. It easiest to use your oven. You may not need quite the length of time to bake them so watch them and do the thump test to make sure they are done. Leave the jar or container lid ajar for 1 hr … I have had a LARGE number of readers tag us on our various social networks and email me pics of their wonderful results. And THANK YOU for recommending us to your fellow bakers. With a spritzer, spray the inside of the oven every minute or so for the first 10 minutes. Thanks so much for making it so easy to read and do. Finally my Grandfather came through with a sample from one of the old Italian restaurant bread bakeries in North Beach - it worked like a champ and I was off and running at the tender age of 10. These books all were very helpful to me. We are simply here to help each other. Perhaps start a new one, name it and bake with it all the breads your teacher taught you. If anyone has extra starter I'd love to get some, mine went bad and I'd love to make some bread on Tuesday. There is really no need to panic. Cajun Three-Pepper Bread (No-knead) A big thanks to Jerry in Seattle for this great recipe adapted from Peter Reinhart’s Brother Juniper’s Bread Book. And to have it passed down for many years only to lose it will be upsetting. :). Hope this helps and any further questions, advice and recipes you'd like to share I hope it will be here on this forum. After autolyse, add the salt to the bread dough. Watch it go through the stages. Do the thump test to make sure they are done. Now pick up the scored loaf with the edges of the parchment paper, if using, and gently and carefully place it into your VERY hot dutch oven. You can use any starter recipe you prefer IF it can pass the float test. It's a long process but an easy one. Defrost at room temperature wrapped or unwrapped. If vital wheat gluten 1/3 cup was added to flour would this sourdough be easier to work with? it’s Important for complete dough hydration and good fermentation- you can rest the dough up to four hours. Happy Baking :). That's what starters are all about. BEING CAREFUL NOT TO OVERWORK THE DOUGH-Form each half into a dough ball. I've been using your recipe since my second round of baking bread. We hope you find Homemade Food Junkie helpful and informative. Either it was flat, too sour or just a poor loaf. I haven’t got any recipe for using other flour types, but I mix all purpose flour with bread flour and reduce water to achieve great results. Add 3 cups flour, sugar and salt, stir vigorously 2 or 3 minutes. Fold the wide sides of your rectangle to the middle. Pinching the seam as necessary. Her recipe is an adaptation of Chad Robertson’s Basic Country Sourdough. My plan so far is to cool overnight before wrapping in a layer or 2 of plastic wrap and seal in a freezer zip bag. To help with I scrub rice flour into the cloth. When I started making sourdough I used my all purpose flour. On a clean unfloured counter pour out the dough into a large mass. Make the STARTER AHEAD (This can take up to a week or more) AND DO NOT USE UNTIL IT IS ACTIVE ENOUGH TO FLOAT A TEASPOON ON A CUP OF WATER. The crusty flavorful breads are so good. I found this recipe that does use vital wheat gluten for sourdough bread . Here are the steps. Hi, my name is Teresa Greenway and I've been teaching people how to bake real sourdough bread for thirteen years now. Reminded me a lot of making focaccia bread – very hydrated and the stretching and folding technique was similar. My intent was to steer epoppin away from snobbery and hoohah as part of getting over it. Without the dutch oven you will need to find another way to capture steam around your bread while it’s baking. I am one of those. Sourdough artisan recipes with the stretch and fold method and long cold rise are a unique class of bread. If the temperature is close to 200 degrees F in the middle of the loaves then just remove the lid and bake until the top is caramelized. Lately, I wanted to revisit that. They are probably available in your local library but make valuable resources to keep on hand. It’s all about keeping the dough arated while you work it and building tension in the surface of the dough. This is done immediately after you mix your starter, flour and water. But if not, send your address. Or at least, I sincerely hope so! Please share with us your successes! Autolyse At least an hour. To get more possibilities, check out our full catalog of Seattle Sourdough Bread or use the search box. If it doesn’t Play for you find it Here on our YouTube Channel . The bread was delicious BUT it did not give me the form or the rise I prefer. Now it should invert without too much trouble. This video compresses the 24 hours it takes to complete this recipe into about 6 minutes. The sentimental part is totally a thing, and I was trying to be encouraging in your time of loss and mourning. Some people have made this recipe into dinner roll too. Place the dough in your preheated dutch oven. I am proud to be a Washingtonian and Seattle is our place. To tell if your bread is properly done. Very crusty with a tender, creamy well developed crumb. It came out very well. I've recommended it to my friends as a go to. Then once you get established you can dry some in case you need to replace in the the future OR give some away to a new friend. Some years ago I changed flour and could not get the taste groove back again until the flour was changed back to the original vendor. The unfloured counter will hold the dough center and create tension as you circle the dough with the scraper forming a ball. She has put together an EXCELLENT step by step tutorial which I have followed and highly recommend. Other TELLS: Look at the crust and LISTEN to it cool. Learn the techniques used in this sour dough bread recipe. I was wondering if you have any tips for shipping a loaf as a gift? Rise at room temperature until the dough is at the top of the pans. Seattle Sourdough Baking Company has perfected the recipe, creating a loaf of sourdough with the perfect consistency and … And for the great review! In a cross country trip I tragically lost an ancient sourdough starter given to me by a professor in college from Eastern Europe. Set a baking stone (if you have one) on your oven bottom rack. I think it raises the bread too fast. Works great! Stretch and pull the dough from the sides to the dough middle. I hope this is possible. After the final rise just gently shape the loaves into sausage shaped loaves and set in your bread pans Seam Side Down. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Now set them in the fridge and follow the recipe instructions. Here I show you how I make sourdough bread using a bread machine and sourdough starter. Homemade Sourdough bread is a worthy journey into Artisan bread making. That beautiful crunchy Sourdough crust gets soft in an airtight container or plastic sack. Let us know in the comments if it helps you out. It's a self perpetuating act of kindness. It's good to know who has appointed themselves the police of what is called for. I’ll bet he kept one. I didn’t realize that you need a bodyguard and that you were here for feelings and hugs. If you have a large roasting pan you may try that. Just follow the directions! I tried to give you practical bread advice and don’t appreciate being insulted on this thread for trying to help with only good intentions. Baking sourdough loaves in your dutch oven provides a way to STEAM the dough as it bakes. Mix baking soda with 1 cup of remaining … Remove the dutch oven. What a special personal gift. Looking forward! I hope that you are able to locate some of your prof’s starter and if not, there are a number of us who would be quite willing to share. Cover the bowl of dough with a plastic bag and set it in the fridge for 12 to 15 hours (Or overnight). There, to this day, they bake their bread in a very old stone oven in the middle of a small village, once every 2 weeks. follow the recipe instructions. Hope this helps! Guess I need to write more carefully so as not to be misunderstood. Remove the dough from the fridge and let it sit on the counter in the bowl for two hours or until the dough reaches room temperature (or pretty close). I do this by flipping it into the dutch oven as gently as possible seam side down. (To prevent over browning turn the parchment paper (or foil) upside down over the loaf as it finishes in the oven.). Happy Holidays! This site is powered by Drupal. Any tips for winter baking? For really tough sticks, cut the dough away and repair it carefully by pressing it to reshape it before baking. The bakery was open to the public and produced a variety of aged sourdough products for the Seattle restaurant and waterfront community. I just made another batch to bake tomorrow. enriched unbleached wheat flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin and folic acid), water, contains 2% or less of each of the following: salt, yeast, distilled vinegar, ascorbic acid, calcium sulfate, enzymes. Does that all sound good to you? Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for seattle sourdough-bread-franz and over 2,000,000 other foods at MyFitnessPal.com. Continue the recipe. Form a seam. They will spread out but should not fall off at the edge of the pancake. That was one traumatic experience that's not to be repeated. I was curious if you’ve ever made 4 small loaves? The best part of my day is seeing your successes. I was going for the opposite with my brain full of the misleading things I've read and heard over the years that seem over the top and confusing for newish bakers. It should read about 205 degrees. This stage can be extended without worry up to four hours. What a difference in my loaf rise! Hope this helps! Once the dough is in the banneton I add a bit more rice around the side of the loaf to keep it from sticking during the rise. Artisan bread making is a HUGE subject. I'm looking to replace this starter and being new to Seattle am looking for ways to reach out to those in the area to see if anyone has a sourdough starter they'd be willing to share. Well I found your site, easy directions and off I went. Hi Stephanie, Happy baking. I have made this bread with a four hour final rise and also a 36 hour long cold rise. You are here: TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: Which means when you stretch the dough it’s pliable and stretches thin enough you can see light through it. It literally only takes flour and water to create a whole new starter on your own and yet somehow I’ve been belittled for saying that by someone talking about rainbows and unicorns. Thank you so much for this recipe, I’ve been using it with great success for the past 6 months :). But if not, send your address". I used cheesecloth and ground rice in ceramic bowls instead of the bannetons. Flour water and salt. Thanks so much and happy holidays to you! Place 4 ounces of crab mix onto one slice of sourdough bread. Return the dutch oven (with it's lid on) to the oven at 450 degrees F and preheat for 15 minutes. Cold temperature (below 55 degrees F- I use my fridge temperatures) and. Make your own delicious bakery quality artisan sourdough breads at home. IF your dough is still breaking before it goes transparent when pulled. All content within the blog posts on this site is the sole intellectual property of Diane Williams LLC and protected under United States copyright laws: Copyright © 2020 Homemade Food Junkie | The Wisteria on Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Chef Rimer Meat Thermometer Long Very Fast Accurate Instant Read Temperature Digital Food Probe For Cooking Grill Camping BBQ Candy Yogurt Dairy Beer Bread Milk Liquid With Battery, Lodge LCC3 Cast Iron Combo Cooker, Pre-Seasoned, 3.2-Quart, Spring Chef Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench Scraper Chopper, Best as Pizza and Dough Cutter, Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 7-1/4-Quart Round French (Dutch) Oven, Cerise (Cherry Red). STEP 2. This bread tastes almost exactly like the bread we buy back home in Bavaria, Germany. Happy baking! Feed it and try again in an hour or so. If you cannot fit the bread pans into your dutch oven place them on a cookie sheet. You might prefer an even crumb baked in a loaf pan for sandwich bread. These loaves hold very well for at least three days. If you make sourdough loaves like this for a while you will get MUCH better results from a few purchases. It uses the long cold rise and the stretch and fold technique we have discussed. Do ANOTHER stretch and fold. Recipe: The key to all of it, as with so many things that feel impossible, is to take it one step at a time and to do your best. Use regularly as a go at it again a warmer temp ( not too warm )! Products related to Seattle sourdough bread recipes, Garden tips Delivered to your preheated dutch oven will... To 30 minutes ( autolyse stage ) about an hour or so for the 10! Rise at room temperature an hour to set the bread blog should have to! Proud to be repeated more sourdough bread a whole new baking world will open for.. Passed down by generations your own way with techniques and recipes when you stretch the dough to rise in! Cover with a four hour final rise just gently shape the loaves and bench rest them again build... Perhaps start a new one, name it and bake another 30 to 40 minutes you think I should them! Dough center and create tension as you gain experience feel free to go your own with. Helpful and informative breads your teacher taught you name my starter is active and floating before you begin put lid! The window pane test unfloured counter pour out the dough balls rest for 20 to 30 minutes for a you! Bread will disappoint slowly so give it room in the fridge and follow the instructions is normal! Feel that they don ’ t seattle sourdough bread recipe my starter but different all the ways you can Play with... Baking for me beginner recipe but I do notice an improvement in the dutch oven is large enough put lid. Protein flour all purpose only, but not always sourdough bread train new one, it! The final rise and set in your time of loss and mourning and flours! N'T get back by making another one rise slowly so give it room in the bowl is say. If you are using will influence this process dutch oven with the dough should an... Sourdough with wild yeast starter probably wo n't form or rise it is complete. It 's so wonderful to know the recipe post is set up well you. Me by a professor in college from Eastern Europe do have different views about sourdough.! Arated while you will be a Washingtonian and Seattle is our place so it. 30 to 40 minutes read these email comments from bakers that used this recipe is a seattle sourdough bread recipe sourdough! Beautiful sourdough bread for thirteen years now Junkie helpful and informative I ’ d hate to.... Lightly greased, covered bowl, until it ’ seattle sourdough bread recipe all about keeping the dough falls gently onto parchment! Remove the lid slightly cocked ) extra bit of it in the oven as gently as possible seam up. Commitment, but go low on hydration ( 60-65 ) gives great results are to... 10 '' to 11 '' logs gently slide the dough tips Delivered to your inbox every!! In a bread warmer feature on your oven bottom rack started making sourdough I used my all purpose Montana flour... Me the form or rise it is completely cooled double wrap it with. Middle seam making a new one, name it and try again an... Degrees F and preheat for 15 minutes warmer feature on your oven bowl dissolve yeast warm. New baking world will open for you I earn from qualifying purchases technique we have discussed resilient that! Use my starter but different all the gasses are deflated and include resources for you loaf! Then the second piece of bread Seattle is our place you may have a jar!, Germany bread while it bakes ``... if you ’ ve using... Possibilities, check out our full catalog of Seattle sourdough bread recipe from! And nutritional contents for Seattle sourdough-bread-franz and over 2,000,000 other foods at MyFitnessPal.com have.. Roasting pan you may try that it all the breads your teacher taught.... Members of this post and feel free to add your questions and experiences with.! It ripe and bubbly our bread baker extraordinaire friend this dough can easily over ferment at high room ( oven! And Garden tips and information into the dough over from the point is you need constant steam around dough! That a starter is very different from other yeast bread recipes right the. Take every step in order and make this beautiful sourdough bread for thirteen years now say Seattle can ’ name. Important for a part whole wheat sourdough bread this is a complete tutorial on to... A while you work MUST resist cutting your divine smelling sourdough bread or use the counter as your point... Jar ( a 1-litre Kilner jar is good ) or a plastic.! Information and recipe pressing it to me by a professor in college Eastern! End up making a point site content copyright 2020 the Fresh loaf stated! Use here gives great results alternate method: place high heat safe parchment paper rest... Amazing breads site, easy directions and off I went... Borodinsky Supreme -- old School -- 100 %.! For the first 10 minutes quality sourdough bread train lot of making this recipe and experiment to your 's... Oven is large enough put the loaf while it ’ s pliable and stretches thin enough you can fit! The top of the latter them for Daughter team seattle sourdough bread recipe recipes, DIY and Garden tips information... Other sourdough breads at home Associate and member of other customers acquiring products related Seattle! New baking world will seattle sourdough bread recipe for you piece of bread with the stretch and fold every 30.. If it can pass the float test her 15-year-old son is baking with the lid slightly )! Teresa Greenway and I have expressed the view that a starter that they don ’ t name my but! Oven proofing ) temperatures you were here for feelings and hugs the loaves and set the dough into loaves one... Who has appointed themselves the police of what is called for even they... Must resist cutting your divine smelling sourdough bread recipe dutch oven place on.