Depending on how much you’ve stored, this might take some time. Choose ‘no photo’: Tap ‘no photo’ option to remove your profile picture. Read the article for more information . Fortunately, this process is straightforward enough that it just takes a few minutes to follow the steps necessary to clear your Google Photos camera roll. To delete it, use your device’s gallery app. I had mistakenly deleted some of my photos now i wanted to recover it. You moved it to trash more than 60 days ago. Click on ‘show search options’: Now click on ‘show search options’ tab at the right with downward sign in search tab. BENGALURU: Google said it will delete the contents of its user's account if their account has been inactive for more than two years. Think of the IMAP client as a different interface for your Gmail account. Steps 1. If your Gmail has been hacked or having some security issues then there is no need to delete Gmail account as there are ways you can secure Gmail account. 4. It's at the top of the page. Hover the mouse on the items you want to move to trash. Once you click on the "Delete account and data" option, a warning will appear, and your confirmation is needed for deleting the account. Go to your Google Account. Share on Facebook. Here are the steps for how to delete your Google Backup Photos, * In a browser go to Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find * Select Photos from the left side menu. 1. Blogger Forum. (Open Google Photo Apps on your Phone, Go to settings and Backup and sync). Email attachments can be a big culprit, but stored email messages themselves also take up space. Learn how to check your Android version. We recommend using Google Takeout: Directions for using Google Takeout … "Why can't I delete photos from my Samsung phone?" If you delete the photos from the first account or stop sharing the album, the photos will stay on the second account. How to find and remove duplicate contacts from Gmail … If you no longer want to keep your very first email address, that you created when you were still in school, because it is just too embarrassing, then you can follow the steps below to delete Gmail account permanently. If you see your Google photos synced on your Gallery of your device, you can clean it by using this tutorial. Open your browser: Open your preferred browser in your desktop. If a deleted photo or video isn't in trash, you can’t restore it. First, even though deleting your Gmail account will definitely delete all of the emails on it, Google may not immediately delete all those emails. Delete Gmail Account Permanently. .‎ > ‎ How to delete photos and albums. However, if you want to delete the Google account from the Google Photos app, you will have to remove it from your phone itself. 2. How to Restore Deleted Photos from Google Photos. How to Delete Your WeChat Account . On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app . If you use Gmail through your work, school, or other group, contact your administrator. When you access an account over IMAP, you manipulate messages directly on the server – any changes you make in the email program will be reflected in your Gmail account. Your marked mail be deleted from the Gmail. At top left, click select trash Your photos will be moved to trash and will be permanently deleted after 2 months. Learn how to download data that you want to keep. If you're no longer interested in using specific Google services, like Gmail or YouTube, you can sign in to your Google Account to delete them. You should note that you will not be able to delete photos and videos uploaded to Blogger, YouTube, Gmail, Google+, etc. If you have turned on Back up and Sync, photos and videos you delete will stay in your trash for 60 days before they are deleted forever. . How to delete a Gmail account for school, work, or a group . This process will also remove all your data from the phone, so make sure to back everything up first. You will also be able to remove Google photo albums, Google photos movies when you are editing them. You can access them anytime you want. Recover all letters listed on a screen: Press the upper checkbox. 4. 3. Go to Google Photos library and sign in with your Google account.