Call Us:1-800-RITE-AID (1-800-748-3243); Hearing or Speech Disabled Dial 711 to reach us thru National Telecommunications Relay ORCell™ is currently available in select markets. Orchard-Rite® wind machines can protect any crop, in any location, regardless of the conditions. Wind machines are motor driven and therefore consume fuel, although not nearly as much as stack heaters. If air temperature is being monitored in a protected shelter within or outside of the orchard, the machines should be initiated when the air temperature is still above 32°F. Advective freezing typically occurs in colder, winter months. 20″ Cyclone® 4-Speed Fan with Remote Control Model A20562 Lasko’s Elite Collection Cyclone® Power air circulator fan features 4 powerful speeds and a 20″ blade with swirling grill design to maximize … No – If the conditions are clear and there is variable wind, you should continue to run the wind machines even if you are seeing temperatures well below the critical temperature. Radiant frost most frequently occurs in the spring and fall when crops are the most vulnerable. Vulnerable tea leaves and fickle grapes reach full maturity when you use Orchard-Rite® wind machines to work with mother nature. Created with settable start and stop temperatures, you control the temperature at which the machine turns on and shuts down. The lowest several hundred feet of the atmosphere becomes stratified under calm, clear, frost conditions. Other systems such as overhead sprinklers, heaters, or air drains provide some degree of protection but cannot be effectively and efficiently deployed in the vast numbers wind machines can. No. Designed in-house, Auto-Start™ technology provides automated protection against frost. the process. Perfect balance of durability, fuel efficiency, and performance, Muffler System for Quiet Operation of Engine, CAT® 7.1: Extended warranty available.*. The area protected by the fans is never circular. Quick-starting, low-cost fuels save you time and money, EPA Certified - Liquid/Vapor Propane, Natural Gas, & Gasoline, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature & Over-Rev Protection, EPA Certified Catalytic Converter Muffler, CAT® 4.4: Meets International Building Code (IBC) for wind and seismic loading. From the internet, the ORCell™ website provides live status updates so you’re always informed. Advective freezing occurs when cold air is pushed into a region by winds, replacing the warm air that was present. The wind machine will circulate the heat through the block and between machines to prevent the heat from dissipating into the air above the crop. Maximum stability is achieved with a 7yd3 concrete base. The Mark I and Mark III fans are the first composite frost control fans designed as direct replacements for the majority of fans in use today. This accessory is an option for all new Orchard-Rite® wind machines and can be retrofitted to most other makes and models. Once started, should the wind machine ever be turned off during the night? Wind machines have proven to be an effective and cost-efficient means of protecting crops of all kinds against the damaging effects of radiant spring frost and advective winter freezes. By entering your email, you consent to receive communications from Penn State Extension. Wind machines are motor driven and therefore consume fuel, although not nearly as much as stack heaters. Forms natural frost protection without affecting crop growth. Or, do you need to dry your crop to accelerate harvest or prevent disease? Allows for a custom sweep area up to 180 degrees. Our wind machines are there to protect any crop, from nuts to berries, citrus to nursery stock. If you said yes to any of these questions, then this is the machine for you. Stone fruit, like apricots, peaches, and cherries, thrive under the constant protection of wind machines. In addition, using our 3-blade wind machine in lieu of water to protect crops, saves precious water resources where drought is common and water protection is not cost effective. A wind machine mixes the warmer air from the upper portions of the inversion layer with the colder air near the ground, raising air temperatures around the trees by a few degrees. Many forms of supplemental heat are used, but the most common are under-tree sprinklers, diesel or propane heaters and wood- or coal-fired heaters. Price Match Guarantee. Goplus (White, Oscillating Stand Pedestal Fan 3 Wind Speed, Height Adjustable, Double Blades, Whisper Quiet for Home and Office Dual-blade design utilizes large and small fan blades to create a full and satisfying breeze. Lasko LKO-FH500 Multiple Speed Bladeless Multi Function Remote Control All Season Comfort Control Tower Fan … Consider planting crops that are more sensitive to cold injury as far as practical from neighbours' houses, so wind machines … 99 $44.00 $44.00 Wind Machine Selection A key reason why Orchard-Rite wind machines are so well regarded around New Zealand and the world is the ability to mix and match head and tower options to suit the specific requirements of your site’s terrain. Do wind machines create a “wind chill” effect on crops? On cold, calm nights, the plant surfaces radiate their heat and actually become colder than surrounding air temperature. Lasko LKO-2519 38 Inch Portable Electric Remote Controlled Widespread Oscillating Wind Tower Fan and with 7 Hour Touch Control Timer, Black. Wind machines work with nature to pull the warmer air down into the orchard or growing field to raise temperatures and save crops. During radiation cooling nights, wind machines pull down warmer air and ventilate the growing area to prevent the pooling of cold air. When using wind machines, it is important that the machines are turned on when the air temperature in the orchard is still above critical temperatures. Whether it’s learning about how different weather conditions affect your crops to discovering what crops can be protected by Orchard-Rite® wind machines, we want to be your one-stop for all of your product and knowledge needs. *, Designed with the latest technology and precision-built for frost control. Spring frost or winter freezes are a threat to crops around the world. ORCell™ is the latest innovation in wind machine technology. We designed a machine that only produces 49dB at 300m and more airflow than any other multi-blade* wind machine on the market. There are two types of wind machines: those that have the engine mounted at the top of the fan and those with the engine located on the ground. When you use Orchard-Rite equipment, you not only get top-quality performance wind machines, but you also get over 50 years of experience. What types of fuel are used for supplemental heat? Wind machines are most effective when the inversion layer is 15 to 75 feet above the crop zone. As its name suggests, ORCell™ works by connecting wind machines to a cellular network and from there, the internet. Drivelines are 10’ x 4” with pillow block carrier bearings to allow unhindered movement and durability. On still, clear nights fans prevent the buds from supercooling up to 4° F (2.2° C) colder than ambient temperature. Provides convenience and peace of mind while saving you time and money. From the drafting table to installation, Orchard-Rite® wind machines are engineered and assembled with care and precision. Top-of-the-line diesel power with enhanced noise reduction and optimized fuel efficiency.
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