3. następna. LEGO Technic has unveiled its latest supercar replica, the McLaren Senna GTR. LEGO has a long history of building very cool model kits based on some of the world’s most iconic sports cars. Model został opracowany w porozumieniu z marką McLaren i będzie dostępny także jego salonach już od początku 2021 roku. Tweet. Share. Meet the newest addition to Lego's Technic line – the McLaren Senna GTR. McLaren Senna GTR to najnowszy supersamochód, który został uwieczniony w postaci Lego. Lego Technic as a McLaren Senna GTR kit. The fourth McLaren Lego set, featuring the Senna GTR, is the largest yet, mostly because this one uses the more detailed Technic building system. McLaren pobłogosławił zestaw Lego Technic Senny GTR, który będzie dostępny od 1 stycznia 2021 roku. The LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR is the latest model to be released as part of the long-standing partnership that started in 2015. There’s no word on whether it’s coming to Australia yet but we’ve got all our appendages crossed on that one. Oferta sponsorowana. The Senna GTR is the latest in a long line of McLaren-based Lego models, following on from the P1, 720S and regular road-going Senna. The McLaren Senna GTR LEGO set works with moving pistons in its high-detail engine. Made up from 830 individual pieces, the Senna GTR model features some ultra-realistic components, such as the V8 engine which incorporates moving pistons, mimicking the 4.0-litre turbocharged unit which rests inside the real-life GTR. McLaren and Lego have teamed up to recreate the Senna GTR as a Technic model and it's full of moving parts with neat details. 1 osoba kupiła. H Senna GTR γίνεται η πρώτη McLaren της σειράς Lego Technic H δανέζικη φίρμα εντάσσει στην σειρά Technic το πρώτο μοντέλο της McLaren που δεν είναι άλλο από την σκληροπυρηνική Senna GTR με θεαματικά λεπτομερή αποτελέσματα. Lego 75892 Speed Champions Mclaren Senna od 79,99 zł Opinie Klocki Plastikowe, Z serii Lego Speed Champions, Dla chłopców, Dla ucznia (6 lat). The Senna GTR's roof-mounted air scoop and its huge rear wing are on the kit, too. do koszyka. … Priced at USD$49,99 (RM210), the 830-piece model of this track-focused supercar icon is the first McLaren supercar to be recreated in Lego Technic form to provide … 83,89 zł z dostawą. LONDON: Lego Technic has unveiled its latest creation - the McLaren Senna GTR. Lego has added a new car to its range of realistic Technic models – the McLaren Senna GTR. 1,000kg of downforce at 155mph. 825bhp. Ab 1. Yes, you already guessed, it’s the brand-new LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR set (code 42123, 830 pieces) which is going to become globally available from both LEGO and McLaren … Januar 2021 McLaren is finally represented in the Lego Technic series. Zamów dostawę do dowolnego salonu i zapłać przy odbiorze! The McLaren Senna GTR is the latest supercar to be immortalized in Lego form. The LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR is the latest model to be released as part of the long-standing partnership with McLaren Automotive that started in 2015, following the McLaren Senna LEGO Speed Champions set launched in 2019. od. It also has dihedral doors like the genuine Senna GTR, meaning they open upwards and forwards, Car and Driver explains. - dodaj do koszyka. Płeć Chłopcy Wiek dziecka 7 lat + 74, 90 zł. Model ma zapewnić dreszczyk emocji zarówno miłośnikom samochodów sportowych, jak i fanom sportów motorowych, którzy szukają kolejnego wyzwania konstrukcyjnego i kochają klocki. One of the latest LEGO Technic kits is this McLaren Senna GTR.The kit is certainly the most affordable and likely only way for the masses to own a Senna GTR at just $49.99. LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS 75892 MCLAREN SENNA. The Lego Senna GTR kit contains 830 pieces and has the same livery as the real car, R&T reports. Super Sprzedawcy. McLaren and Lego have worked together on several projects since 2015, but the British supercar manufacturer's models have never appeared in the more advanced Technic line of kits. One of the most expensive hypercars on the market is the McLaren Senate GTR. Set number 42123-1 Name McLaren Senna GTR Set type Normal Theme group Technical Sortowanie. LEGO zaprezentowało model samochodu McLaren Senna GTR z klocków serii Technic, opracowany w porozumieniu z marką McLaren. Przeczytaj recenzję LEGO Speed Champions, klocki McLaren Senna, 75892. £1.1million plus tax. LEGO set database: 42123: McLaren Senna GTR. It is the fourth replica to be produced under its partnership with McLaren which started with the … Email. And this awesome LEGO Technic toy version is equally impressive. Direkt von der Rennstrecke in die LEGO Technic Sammlung Sag Hallo zu McLaren und ihrem coolen Senna GTR. McLaren and Lego Technic have teamed up to release a new build set replicating the Senna GTR track car. LEGO Set 42123-1 McLaren Senna GTR - building instructions and parts inventory. The kit itself is comprised of 830-pieces, making it quite a handful to build. ; Using Technic allowed the Lego … 205mph flat out. Check out the V8 engine with moving pistons, iconic dihedral doors that open, plus authentic graphics and colors, just like on the real car.
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