Laying out the best deer attractant in the field can completely change your hunting experience. However, if you don’t want to spend more time on filtering and finding which one is good doe estrus scent , then you should absolutely go for our Top list of the winner. Let’s take a look at some of the top deer attractant products available on the market, and discuss how each works to draw the animals to your feeders or property. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”, List Of Best Synthetic Urine Brands For 2020 Testing, #1 Sub Solution Review (Best Synthetic Urine Of 2018, 2019, And 2020), #2 Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review (Basically Sub Solution + Heat Pads), #3 Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine (Suspiciously Cheap? Just a quick soak of your drag is needed to instantly start attracting deer. Usually, this scent allows them to understand that the area is not dangerous. 2. Furthermore, it works over vast distances and can draw in deer from very far away. We get it. Not only is it appealing towards game, but it is also good for them. The vital thing of having the best synthetic urine on the market is the stress relief. When temperature strip goes to green – between 92 and 100 degrees F – you’re good to go. If you have to wait for an hour or two in order to provide a urine specimen, you don’t really want the urine to cool down too much. You can buy Quick Luck and check out all the current deals here: Quick Fix was once the most popular synthetic urine that a good deal of us stoners used. Deer Fence – Planning, DIY Kits – Your Complete Guide, The Best Deer Fencing – Tenax 60100109 Pro Deer Fence Review, Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera HD Aggressor, Crenova 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera, Cuddeback Trail Camera: Cuddelink Set of 4 Review (Features, Pros & Cons), My Animal Command’s – Solar Trail Cameras For Security and Surveillance Purposes, Best Deer Blinds: A Portable Hunting Must-Have Review, 8 Best Deer Attractant Products on the Market, 2. Using the best deer attractant can instantly improve your hunting by attracting more deer quicker. Nationwide scents collect urine from their herd of 600 plus white tail and bottle it in their state of the art collection facilities. Antler King Honey Hole Mix. This will be more than enough to get you started. It’s the easiest one to use and thousands of people have passed a drug test with Sub Solution with flying colors. Synthetic urine is the easiest way to pass a drug test while pissing hot. This makes it a brilliant choice for the late season when deer are scarce and struggling to find food. Some of the common deer scents on the market include: doe urine, doe estrous, tarsal gland and buck urine. These are 100% pure deer urine and musk gland lures have no other additives or preservatives. Not only do deer love the smell and taste of this, but it is also a nutrient-filled formula that will improve their health. If fake pee is not reliable, then it doesn’t matter how quick the shipping is or how cheap it is. Deer are instantly attracted by the pure urine, and will certainly recognize the smell. If you think you might get tested more than once in the 2-year period, you could also opt for a 3+1 deal. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be OK. Tink’s #1 Doe-P Deer Lure. The whole powdered urine kit is available here at official TestClear store: When it comes to synthetic urine, you have a number of questionable kits on the market because, you know, people want to make a buck. The most obvious giveaways of bad synthetic urine are: If you look at the list of best synthetic urine kits, you see that the packaging is up to a standard and the price is not suspiciously low. The animals are attracted to the strong airborne scent, but they will keep coming back for the great taste. [09/20/18] I have fresh buck urine and Doe urine. They will be attracted to your position in order to maintain a territory. Pawstruck edged out the competition with its consistent results, ease of use, least obtrusive odor, and lower price. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. Buck Urine. You can find some Common Scents canisters by googling it, but this is the same stuff and it is marketed as HS Primetime Pure Doe Estrus I bought 8 cans of the hand held spray online last year from the second site listed and it was the original stuff with the orange and black cans. You can even read about it in the in-depth Clear Choice’s Sub Solution review here. The Code Blue Code Red Buck Scent is a good option for many. The trick is to make a perfect replica of clean human urine. Simply place the contents on the ground, and immediately start attracting deer to this position. Evolved 24502 Deer Co-Cain Black Magic Attractant, 6.
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