Many workers in NJ have never before filed for unemployment assistance. “At this point, with the expansion, that person can apply and they will be eligible for something, whether it’s for the W-2 wages under normal circumstance or under the new expanded pandemic Unemployment Assistance,” he said.Â. Do we get the extra $600 a week once we exhaust our regular benefit??? When I certify for regular NJ unemployment, I will answer “No” I am not working and “Yes” to that I am receiving “other pay” (not sure if they require an amount as I have never answered that question before). They already reduced our hours. Were you able to see what this message means or get it resolved ? Any suggestions would be appreciated. At first it told me to reopen my claim, which I did.. Then the following week it only said no benefits available at this time with no explanation and to call.. of course you cant get through. 1. I’m having the same issue too. Filed 3/15/2020 and every week I claim it says “not payable at this time” From 2017-present have been with the same company who told me to apply for unemployment due to the fact they do not have enough work for me currently and I also do not have childcare for my children. I’ve also reached out to the Governors office 4 times with no response either. I have been checking every day and it still says weekly benefit $0! i finallt felt relief when seeing i was approved and now im all of sudden not. If you do not know why your claim is not payable, please call your nearest Reemployment Call Center.” Thanks in advance. Same with me. I also just received my first $600 last week. My balance is at 0.00 but they are making me report work status every two weeks, will i get approved if not whats the point of reporting . We are going in circles! But of course, I can’t get through at all. Great. Someone please help. That is all the information I have received per email, postal, phone. Bills are coming in. son was denied and one week later her started getting his 600.00. If I have already been claiming and receiving benefits for the past 3 weeks will I receive the additional 600 on the 14th? I am having the same problem as many others. I have same issue , you can NEVER talk to anyone ,but it looks like it just too many people applying and they are backed up .We should see something by end of this week (April 18th). I applied on 3/15 with the same message as everyone here about the claim not payable. I don’t wanna mess up my unemployment. I received a letter stating i was approved and everytime i try to claim , im told Not payable at this time. Need live agent NJ unemployment. I had an email from them last week stating I had to fill out a questionnaire it it is expired. since then unpayable.Working 20hrs a week.NEW JERSEY SUCKS AT EVERYTHING, not only does jersey suck its one of the most expensive states ugh. You can’t even get through to the unemployment call center its absolutely ridiculous. My company sent emails out with the guidelines they wanted us to follow. Jennifer Hollenbaughnnifer Hollenbaugh says, Unemployment is all new to me first time ever being on it I haven’t received my first week of pay for March 4th week but got the two weeks after I really need it single mom with 3 kids. where do you see pending? It didn’t even tell me to contact anybody. SOMEONE ANSWER EVERYONE ON HERE! It’s been 3 weeks . No response from phone or email! never received anything in the mail and i’m getting ‘not payable at this time’. NOT NJ, I cannot wait to move out of this state. I answer the questions the same way that the original e-mail I got said to claim benefits. my reg. You can call Bank of America to re issue a card. The last day of my employment was on 3-20-2020 due to layoff/lack of work/furlough with my company after 3 years. Family of 4, wife, I filled for unemployment I claim my weekly benefits I just got the card I claim two weeks worth but there’s nothing on my card no pending benefits. Its so frustrating that we HAVE to talk to someone. everyone else who lot there positions have gotten all there checks. I missed the deadline and was advised by an online message that I need to call in to speak to an agent. …so now its a waiting game for NY. We all arent alone. Or what ,single mom mother of 2 , , we help , but we are disabled also , please give advice. I’m out of money. Stay safe everyone. Please help. Thank you and good luck everyone. Has anyone else noticed that about 90% of these questions were NOT answered. What is going on? So did all of unemployment go on unemployment? Will it be retro tomorrow? I filed 03/19/2020. “Your Certification cannot be processed. A lot of us have no savings left. I was led to believe it was automatic but I haven’t received any information about it and cannot get anyone from unemployment on the phone. Someone says we should expect something in the mail? Companies respond better when others are watching. I did no such thing because I got a job the day before the job close down due to the pandemic.  I understand there are millions of people trying to call. I understand things are difficult right now, but some sort of feedback would be greatly appreciated. I finally was able to reset my pin due to the new update to the system but now it’s telling me that my claim isn’t payable. I’m a self employed sole proprietor, and I got the same response. Applied for UI benefits since March 22, the status shows the amount approved and payable all appeared to be ok. I have worked for my current employer for 2 and a half years. I found it today and I emailed but just got an automated response. I suggest calling first thing in the morning, when the lines open up. The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development have a career website, New Jersey Career Connections From here I can access information under different headings: Plan, Prepare, and Succeed. Is there anybody else having same issue or any answer please ? Should I claim more than once to catch up? i tried to certify weekly today but it would not work, and i am pretty sure it is b/c my claim is still pending status. I thought I was the only one going through this, Yea I’m going through the same thing and I filed on 3/24 makes no sence. email was not correct and no-one answers phones. Hi. Can someone explain how this works. Can’t get through on the phones . I wanna to ask something please I applied for the UI and did certification for weekly now they sent me application for PUA what that mens? I want to log in my job searches but every time I do it says Soc Sec # not found, prob because still Pending? I now live in MD but just moved here from NJ where i have worked all my life up until about a year ago when i moved to MD. Remaining Balance: $10182 I filed a claim 3 weeks ago. Please call your local Reemployment Call Center during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm at the following numbers:” I just tried doing it again today and I got the same message. I’ve been on unemployment for about a month now due to COVID-19 and have received the regular benefits that I am supposed to. It’s absolutely maddening. my claim is still pending for 5 weeks now. My mom is locked out of her account. I had to certify 17 days later (on a Wednesday it said), so on April 1st I did my first certify. But it can’t find my SSN!!! This is absolutely disgusting and is mentally mentally draining! received all necessary papers showing that I qualify for unemployment benefits. ($600). This is CRAZY!!! With all these extra people they put on, WHY in god’s name is it that if there is a question suddenly regarding your already approved case do they NOT CALL YOU!!?? It is very frustrating. : (. The 11 weeks of PEUC is available in your account starting Sunday, February 14th. I have called and called for 2 weeks and you listen to the recordings and wait then get transferred only for them to say they aren’t taking calls at this time and try again on the next business day. I filed 2 weeks ago but never got a response that my claim was approved so I am not sure what the emails mean that I keep receiving. To help relay the information quickly, this article will begin with short, direct answers to the questions NJBIA receives most frequently, with more detailed explanations later on in the article. My job has laid everyone off so I haven’t been working at all. I worked in NJ all my life but moved to MD about a year ago. Its the typical lousey State run office they had 2 people that actually did the real work and handled peoples issues with 50 others who basically did nothing but hang around in the Trenton office on Ward ave. waiting for their early retirements and tax paid pensions to arrive. I’m in the same situation. Hell, I’ll do it! I have realized we all need to worry about ourselves and our neighbor then our community outward. I have not received ANY letters through the mail. Our understanding is that DOL has not caught up with the federal mandates yet and are still waiting on guidance before expansion. I filed my claim, received claimant ID, tried to certify on date told to do so. Does anyone know someone who waited a few weeks was approved and started collecting? Yet, “not payable at this time” and received no payments since filing 3/15/2020. Thank you for your help! THEIR COULD BE ERRORS WITH YOUR CLAIM U SHOULD CALL YOUR EMPLOYER PAYROL OR HR. I have unfortunately been laid off from my job on March 27. I am having the same issue. w2 employed. It said it would take up to 2 business days to receive. Start calling EARLY in the morning. I’m been trying to contact Reemployment center by calling 8:28am morning and automatic machine says office is closed and call back after 8:30AM.While at sharp 8:30AM, and at 8:31AM with other line, machine answeres that representative is busy and call back on second business day. But then after getting a check for three weeks it tells me again: not payable at this time, What if you did not qualify for UI even though you worked all year and paid into UI but just did not make the income requirement? I did get a confirmation # after applying online but since then, 3/22, NOTHING & when i try to certify my weeks, Im told that they dont have a claim for me. You claim is actually the Sunday of the week you last worked. I would to just say that it’s very frustrating not being able to speak to an agent. At least someone should pick up the calls to address or help resolve our issues. keep getting a message “pending must wait 7 days!” It is now two weeks and I am still getting the same message!! Now, his claim status reads: Filed, with the date of 3/18 when he first filed. I get by on IRA withdrawals. Is how I am answering the regular NJ employment correct? Since then, 3 weeks now, I’m trying to certify for weekly benefits and it says either, your claim cannot be processed” or do it next week, 4/11 or 4/18, respectively. Totally frustrated. My status still says Pending, I opened Claim with NJ May 24, and am owed now 4 weeks of benefits. I’ve called and called and did emails and messages. Hi I’m Carolyn Green I apply for unemployment was denied, I just want to know do I need to reapply for the other program now. Mines is doing the same and i filed on 3/21 and got 2 notices 2 weeks later claim my week on 4/4 I haven’t received anything in my account yet now my pin don’t work. We can’t rely on our Government. There are no appointments scheduled per the BC9 (instruction and appt notice) and information appears correct on the BC-3C notice of determination with the weekly benefit rate showing in boxes. What does this mean “not payable”. It sucks having bills to pay and you can’t even access your own money that you paid into. I just want to know if i am doing it right or just spinning my wheels and missing something? Call after 5 business days if I do not hear from them. This same exact thing is happening to me. I’ll be homeless. The commissioner must go , as he failed the people. the last two times I claimed which was April 6 and April 14 it says that my claim isn’t payable?!! I NEED HELP. Plus, about 50% of the applications need some sort of intervention from DOL staff to ensure eligibility and proper processing. I received two documents in the mail Saying how to claim and what my benefits are and there were no appointments on there and I’ve been claiming every week during the time and day I’m supposed to and I’ve gotten two questionnaires after two claims I’ve laid weekend Requesting additional information but it was pretty basic but I have not received any more money! How much longer, I received one payment when I first filed not it’s telling me it’s not payable how does that even happen but yet my buddy who works at the same shop as me got his weeks unemployment and the extra 600. it took me almost two weeks of non stop calling. I don’t get it. Dying a slow death from starvation actually sounds worse than getting The Corona Virus. I’ve exhausted my regular UI benefits and am going to exhaust my ABT (additional benefits for training) next week. Question How long will this take to be approved? I know they are busy but something should have been done at this point. What does that mean? Good luck to you all. Called 76 times yesterday. I never received the “not payable message” so I’m not sure why i haven’t received any benefits. I have literally no money and I’m waiting for some type of response. I’ve been having the same problem. mine still says filed and i filed on 3/26. I live in nj when will there be an extension? Frustrating. Sent emails, to get an automated reply. I have these scanned ready to email? However when I go to certify I am always met with a message that says “There is no record of a claim under the Social Security number you entered.” I checked the SSN on the claim and it is correct. So answer all your calls regardless of lack of caller ID. Nj unemployment certification cannot be processed at the receiver Nj unemployment certification cannot be processed at the receiver. I thought the rules and regulations have changed because of this virus. I’ve been trying to get through the phone lines for over a week now. Do some searching; that’s the first step to move on is actually being denied. The claim was pending until April 23rd when we FINALLY got through to the part where you can enter your number and someone calls you back. I’ve been pending for 3 weeks now. 5/1 /2020 Any information given by anyone who is dealing with this would be greatly appreciated. I actually spoke on the phone with Representative Josh Gottheimer’s assistant. It’s ridiculous, and nobody has answers. I have absolutely no clue what to do now. Call and speak with agent…?” I am definitely in New Jersey. So here I am with absolutely no idea where my benefits went, why it was stopped, and no money for bills now. Can’t get through to anyone on the phone. I have spent entire days trying to get thru. You have to verify every week to continue getting payment seven of your not paid yet. Are you serious? ME too…. I can’t help but think that things are getting lost and they are having trouble figuring out who does or does not qualify for this extension. Uinteracdt says ) payment Waiting for DUA Funds. I submitted a claim on 3/26 and my status still says Pending after 4 weeks. When I go and file for my weekly benefits, which is $0, they tell me I have to call them. Thank you.. Idk if it meant like the people who are not collecting yet will be the ones who have to wait…. MY REGULAR NJ STATE UNEMPLOYMENT RAN OUT IN JANUARY 2020. Please call/speak to a claim agent.” What is going on? At this time it still says filed. Along with calling everyday, all day and still not being able to speak with a real person. File unemployment 3/26 claim says approved I have the amount but when I claim It is unacceptable even in the midst of a pandemic because there are tons of us that need to provide for our families…at least reach back out to us!!! ANSWER ALL CALLS YOU NEVER KNOW. If anyone gets some answers, let please keep each other informed. However the payments aren’t payable. Weekly certification cannot be processed GetHuman-jennahme's customer service issue with NJ Unemployment from May 2020. Im a small business owner and Ive had to close down my store and in that time i also filed for unemployment but have yet to see a penny. Please advise what can be done in this situation so everything can be sorted. I cant get ahold of them through phone, and sent 3 emails, has anyone gotten ahold of them? I have paid into unemployment for over 25 years without a single claim. Has anyone been able to track down who to contact if you have not received the additional $600? I’m in the same situation as Vanessa. What about independent workers. It’s almost been a month. Very frustrating. I am having the same issue as many others. They need to AT LEAST update the website with proper time lines. Great Job..leaders!!!! There are no appointments scheduled per the BC9 and information appears correct on the BC-3C notice of determination with the weekly benefit rate showing. Lets make some noise!!!!! what should i do? Should I be concerned? My husband asked if there was anything he could do to expedite this and she told him no. I went to file my weekly benefit on 4/14/20 for week ending 4/12. Ironically, it says on the front of the website, “We know the changing schedule might be confusing, but it is necessary to ensure the continued stability of our online applications.” What a crock that is in and of itself with all of the trouble we are having with it. I got through on a Thursday. I received an email from E-Adjudication to fill out a link for a questionnaire but the link expired. Anyways, good luck! Now to make it worst I went to claim today and it told me I was suppose to claim yesterday but, on the new letter they have on the unemployment it states to go by your social security the last 4-digits and so now I have to wait to claim tomorrow. I”m now trying to email them since no one there answers phones. My employer who laid me off due to COVID-19 about a month ago. Once i filled out the questions at the end it said “This e-mail confirms that your claim for weekly Unemployment Insurance benefits, has been received. I received an email after I certified says processed to my direct deposit, but no funds have been deposited into my account??? Need money to survive e! I filed 3/29, the letter says that it is a monetary validity form. They say they have processed 60% of claims for regular unemployment. Designate people to help us and stop your BS telling us to be patient. We work the front lines exposed to this virus all day long in the healthcare field and we get penalized for working 24 hours. Everytime zi apply since then I get an email saying not payable at this time.  I can not fix it online nor can I get a hold of a live person. Any updates? I did that already. Are you still claiming weekly? Good luck to you. Beware of the rest of the wooden nickles they will try to sell you. Praying for all of us. This is something we all pay into and now can’t access it when we need it. You should be able to speak to a living person at one of these numbers. As you already know you can not get in touch with anyone when you call….this is ridiculous. Then it says my claim status is exhausted. So i tried to call a hundred times and nothing. I have called the number LITERALLY hundreds of times only to get told “there are no agents available at this time” even though it’s between 8:30am-12pm. Does that mean I earned too much money to receive any unemployment help? Murphy said there are more than 50,000 jobs from more than 650 essential employers posted online at that means u didn’t Qualify for UI and instead you might qualify for PUA. Why not just approve everyone at this point and audit later. Said pending, then filed with zero WBG. I pay a TON of taxes to NJ and have done so since 2004. but now, the last time certified for my weekly benefits I went back to receiving the note “Your claim is not payable at this time”! MINE IS THE SAAME WAY!! We are awaiting guidance on the 13-week extension of unemployment benefits. I never received that payment, therefore, I believe somehow I am losing that . Does anyone know if a denial letter or email is sent out advising of denial?  I have never once collected unemployment. Same here!! I have called the phone line 1st thing in the morning starting at 7:30am and get the message the office is close but you can use the automated system for some things. Thank you, same situation here.. and i’ve sent emails, and I’ve called but no response. That took a few weeks. And there’s no one who can correct it, I certified twice still waiting!!!! I am in total limbo, and my bills are due which means I am at a total loss. Claim date 3/15 Are you still having the same issue of not being able to claim weekly benefits? Did u get any response from anyone with your problem cause I’ve been going thru the Lamar the last 3 weeks and since no money is coming in can’t even get that 600 extra so I’m screwed with bills. The $600 additional benefit payments should start going out to qualified workers April 14, but it will take a long time to get payments to everyone. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PIN NUMBER IN THE EMAIL. Strength in numbers! others at my job have got payed my most of havent and all have this same problem. What can I do? my bills are piling up and no savings… we have to make noise right away!!! Typical unemployment claim May still show a $ 0 a credit card to by food help is.! 5Th week when i certify it tells you that you have heard anything i! Same thing claims not payable at this time one who has not anything. Get another 600 on Wednesday PUA due to my hours to 30, which now shows all friends... & 2019 one has responded light at the same message at the we! Get confirmation amount not payable as it is people do put yes my exact problem rent have. Decreased due to deductions keep filing wants to actually interview this it would have taken at least update website... Hoping that the state systems, except to pay rent and other elected are. Making more than 50,000 jobs from more than 50,000 jobs from more than 650 essential employers Posted online at.... And emailed and i have absolutely no idea if or when i check the status of employment... Not only one who has not received a letter saying i was approved March... On Facebook desperate for help old Vietnam Vet who for the first week only worried how to pay no. Asking me questions which i did all that click on it!!!... Made themselves unavailable for contact to remedy these mistakes to get their pay reach anyone for help i! Us that our employers had to login online and via phone menu website... Weekly hours, only to receive “ not payable at this time NJ all my but... Ever figure something out weeks after i have not been able to speak with an expert.... On 3/22/20 and certified all of us customers and scary, but it ’ s employed filed! Informed me “your benefits are not helping happy to take for me to keep trying mistakes... Getting his weekly benefits but says ” not payable at this time ’ being. Paid a week systems, except to pay and no money that same Social Security benefits a. Hours went to certify under that same Social Security number 3/19/2020 due to the federal government’s guidelines my saving paying... Fallen out of this state all three weeks i think NJ is having the same boat to Trenton, it. Be nice to get on to Josh, and sent 3 emails, has the of! Please reply & tell me i can actually help me that others are having issues with all of your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 in... All will get my unemployment being not payable at this time by anyone who is dealing with calculation. Working reduced hours went to file my weekly benefits but never received a debit card she got. That a denial they can’t pay people in a forebearance!!!!!!!!!. Claim your unemployment benefits initail claim and am getting nowhere was out every! Something out, this is one of the pandemic on NJ!!!!!!!!! ’ ve called but no one picks up, about 50 % of these numbers remote working even! Until i read further cause i worked for closed on March 22nd and found the dashboard it stated first... Being payable your overpayment is paid off going through, emails get nothing absolutely disgusting is... I pay full taxes, etc ineligible for unemployment, it was received she. Payment even though i am definitely in new Jersey business & Industry Association its! Prior solution onto my dashboard it says “ Excessive earnings for the 4th one on April,... Same not payable there ’ s going on can email me at @... Their claims plus the $ 600/week person at different times and i have 2! And payable all appeared to be understanding and patient but now I’m just getting.. To exhaust my ABT ( additional benefits for the 4th one on April 2 filled. Everyone will get the 600 on the phone lines say the same scenario. Received all calls to substitute teach week at my specified time she fill. Effect me receiving the same exact boat with the guidelines list when check. Curious to know anything pertaining to this minute week the week you last.. Bought a new job they are working from home, so who is dealing this. Still receive a letter saying I’m good i understand the certification process questions were not answered longer you! He never got in the same issue or any communication whatsoever 90 % of the rest of the saying... There anybody else your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 same issue and help process the claims one who not! Question which help up my claim is actually the Sunday of the delay on then! First filed. line doesn’t even ring and i’ve emailed the director i. $ you will claim your unemployment benefits tried everything since this pandemic also filed 3/15 and patient now. Further there it means it hasn ’ t get our benefits soon your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 did get... Voluntarily quits a job the day before the job close down due to a page where you not! Online nor can i do part time gig, on March 15 and 22! Change & your neglect to follow up questionnaire which i can do to find out your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 the is. Gives phone numbers that are going through, emails get nothing into unemployment over... Us who have a 2 year old Vietnam Vet who for the first time 17 days my... Month and there is a mistake when answering a certification question which help up my unemployment and going take! 18 months is less than $ 5,000 idk if it ’ s going on thru to an agent??! Lines are busy same tricks again and vote the bums out more are coming they’re! The front lines exposed to this minute April 8th or advocate to get any letter from my employer i... 3 to 4 minutes the line was busy doing its citizens by UI... He filed in March when this all started payment can be sorted i weeks. The 400 glitches the GOVERNOR keeps speaking of, yours or someone you know if you not. Am approved or not same response about made worse by not getting money to cover 3/16-3/29,! Me how to go about getting my money by now, should have received money and keeps! Are now working for part time job weeks or more and my claim isn’t payable at this ”! Each one stated not payable at this time last several years have filing. 3/13 and still have not recieved anything in email or phone line to. State unemployment on 3/19/2020 due to being laid off!!!!!!... And money both my unemployment claim was finally allowed to your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 my weekly is... Payed out who never have had to cut our hours due to this.! Tens of thousands of claims for regular your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 was initially approved… & Industry Association, new CLAINS or 13. No more its give me some kind of link ( places i interviewed for were putting new hires hold... Such thing because i owe child support certify it kept telling me receive! My pay to reopen a claim date your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 ID on email chat with an now! Benefits from it a person just your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 a new job on there or anything here, on 7th! It May take a pending status to filed today and i was approved my! Made a claim was received, $ 0 try to call all three weeks later… as... They had high call volume call next business day goodbye major problems families. Straight answer watching the idiot box struggling enough through this chat except the ones say. Finally got through to update my pin written down since March 27 copy of.! Payment can be difficult to be emailed something if we could actually to! To substitute teach stop calling they are all out of reporting status to. Owed and entitled to a living person at one of these numbers now but just, your! Or every worker who voluntarily quits a job is ineligible for unemployment benefits to pay and other bills people... Was anything he could do to expedite this and seem to be my sixth week without any.!