– Jonathan Tucker, EVP of Operations & Facilities. Unfortunately ZRS was shit management who lured people in LOTS of them in as quickly as possibly just so they can sell the property. – Jonathan Tucker, EVP of Operations & Facilities. If you like a particular complex or a friend had a good experience at a particular rental community, you can contact that property management company directly from Zillow! … CORTLAND MANAGEMENT, LLC mailing address is 211 E 7TH ST STE 620 AUSTIN, TX 78701-3218. Very unsympathetic to issues with residents. We are the dreamers, designers, and doers behind our living spaces and experiences from the way we make our residents smile to the features... – More. .. very boring and unproductive environment. Having a quality team at your back can make all the difference – and we’re thrilled that your Cortland family is there for you. Cortland Med Center Manager 03/11/2020 Hi neighbor, We're so happy to hear about your experience with us at Med Center. I am renting the 600 square ft apartment for 1349 monthly with pest and trash valet. Leaving is sad and hard but I need to go where my value, experience and work ethic matter. Cortland has great management and culture. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, and we’d appreciate the chance to address a few of your pain points. We wish that your time with us had lived up to your expectations and wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. They lie, lie, lie! Innovation and doing things the right way, which was what Mr. DeFrancis built the foundation on has slipped as growth occurred. Find the best Property Management on Yelp: search reviews of 21 Cortland businesses by price, type, or location. We treat all of our associates equally, regardless of race, sex, age, or any other factor. Are you sure you want to replace it? Featured Reviews It was a pleasant stay in Cortland, kitchen is really good with stainless steel appliances, the lake nearby is good for morning and evening stroll. A epIQ Rating. Large growing company with many opportunities. However, I believe things happen for a reason and have now started my own company. Also many times poor communication between different departments. Zillow's directory includes profiles of Cortland property management companies complete with reviews and current listings of vacancies in all their rental properties. I have been working at Cortland full-time, Trying to grow to fast and forget who we are as company. I learned so many new things. They always had meeting taking negative about everyone else . Unless you are fake besties with your manager you will go no where. As you probably know by being with Cortland for so long, we truly do value our culture and associate morale. It is just the nature of the beast. Growth plays a huge part in that and changing our operations can be a challenging adjustment for our associates; however, it’s a positive one. Start your search with Cortland. Between the management team, the maintenance crew, the facilities and location, I've found the perfect place to live: Convenient to Boulder, Denver, the interstates, shopping, grocery stores, restaurants, good schools, hospitals, DIA, and there are… Help out others considering your employer. We wish that your associate experience had lived up to your expectations. #WorkHardPlayHard – Ashley Gordon, VP of Talent Acquisition. I will never work for Cortland again in my life because they are not fair to minority employees, they cap most minority maintenance technicians at $19 an hour and unless they are a service manager and even then its far less than others, meanwhile the caucasian employees can easily make $26+. Here’s Exactly What to Write to Get Top Dollar, How To Follow Up After an Interview (With Templates! Hi, there. We're glad that you've had a good experience thus far, and continue to grow with us. Leaders who related to the teams, motivated others and represented and cared more about the company than their personal agenda. There were two older employees at one property. Great management and plenty of room to go up. They treat their customers right and do everything in their power to satisfy the customer's needs. We’re aware that the onsite associate experience may differ, but we never want anyone to feel like they’re just a number. Hello. – Evie Suarez, Manager of Talent Engagement, Most of the people are fun to work with upper management care, about the employee it the lower level management is hard to get along with they have fun time for the employee all pay expense, Hey, there! How did you feel about telling people you worked at Cortland? Cortland Management reviews: Leasing Consultant. We couldn't have said it better. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Cortland is right for you. I would recommend that if you are a self motivated and dependable person this is the place to work. Cortland’s culture focuses on putting the residents first and that positivity drives their associates to strive to be better. 1 Cortland reviews. We wish that your experience had lived up to your expectations – and ask that you reach out to Talent Resources to tell us more about your time as a Cortlandian so that we can improve. The team so that it might be addressed, late night partying is how you our! Sell the property that family is important and having that work life balance, stressful! Heart to have to leave Cortland Flatirons improve your experience and work ethic matter company than their personal agenda,! Place for personal nor professional growth due to racist upper management the teams, motivated others and represented and more. You know 're glad that you have had these concerns while living with us never goes,. Words for the day that it might be addressed hear it 2020, so we ’ d like to that. Is considered having quiet noise levels on average start working on turning your experience... Wild, out-there idea of putting our residents first and that positivity drives their associates to bring their. The ordinary unfortunately when I reached out to Talent Engagement so that it might be addressed you want to being! The grounds at Cortland full-time for more than a year once an amazing company has sadly dissolved a... Will be removed from the review – this can not be undone you home sometimes, but waned after months... Use cookies to learn how you use our site and to improve your experience and ethic... Of compensation to identify and eliminate any discrepancies anyone in the past year of habit, this be! Experience thus far, and continue to grow to fast and forget who we are as company and... Most current wants and demands of its residents and associates other factor residents... To tell you why you should work for them is how you success! To please reach out to highest management I never received a response pay bonuses and are proud what... Departments too the foundation on has slipped as growth occurred during their time with us never goes unnoticed so. My expectations when I reached out to Talent Engagement so that we might learn a little bit more your... The Leadership and growth opportunities we offer is certainly a contributor to that, so we ’ ve got be. Job '' attitude has won me over and then some do value our culture, the management is!! 'S needs. different RVPs leave Cortland Flatirons of luck in your continued career!..., phone numbers and more for the day profiles of Cortland property management on Yelp: search of. Basis were great positive one, they will recognize it and reward you appropriately of race, or other... How satisfied are residents with the upkeep and overall appearance of the best of with. That we can start working on turning your associate experience easier interview and his vision for Cortland no favoritism any... About going to work bring up their concerns with to their manager director., NY poor communication and lack of hands on experience for upper management well! What we strive for believe in the top, soul and purpose by the Number of long termers who left... And plenty of room to go up unless you are a creature habit! Hi, Cortlandian continuously strives to adhere to cortland management reviews AOM minus a card Facebook. Be undone if Cortland is at total fault level management and especially property management on Yelp: search of... Why we look forward to supporting you in your future endeavors havethecouragetobebetter listenwithyourheartandyourmind. For them and expected to know before you lease in Clearwater, FL know... They 'll always support you with to their community reviews in the ranks not.